Bempton and Buckton Community Village Hall Committee and Trustees following Annual General Meeting of 21st June 2022


Chair  – Mel Parker 01262 850135

Vice-Chair –  Wendy McCaw

Secretary – Alan McLean  07803246554/01262 851707

Treasurer – Geoff Haywood

Bookings Secretary – Maureen Burnell 07849 639650/0844 5005152

Maintenance Manager – Ian Coleman

Safety Manager  – Gareth Patchett 


Ann Maycock, Ros McLean, Elaine Matson, Nancy Atkinson, Ann Parker,    Diane Southall, Annie Oldroyd.  


Bempton and Buckton Community Village Hall Committee and Trustees following Annual General Meeting of 14th May 2019


Chair Mel Parker 01262 850135

Vice-Chair Wendy McCaw

Secretary Alan McLean 07803246554/01262 851707

Treasurer Ann Maycock

Bookings Secretary Maureen Burnell 07849 639650/0844 5005152

Maintenance Manager Haydn Burnell 

Safety Manager Gareth Patchett 


Ros McLean Rowena Smith Leah Butler-Sharman Elaine Matson
Ann Parker

John Beales
Kath Lord
Roger Marriott


Bempton and Buckton Community Village Hall Committee and Trustees following Annual General Meeting of 9th May 2018 and subsequent amendments


Chair Mel Parker 01262 850135

Vice-Chair Leah Butler

Secretary Alan McLean 07803246554/01262 851707

Treasurer Ann Maycock

Bookings Secretary Maureen Burnell 07849 639650/0844 5005152

Maintenance Manager Haydn Burnell 

Safety Manager Gareth Patchett 


Ros McLean Rowena Smith Wendy McCaw Elaine Matson
Ann Parker

John Beales
Kath Lord
Roger Marriott


Bempton and Buckton Community Village Hall Committee and Trustees following Annual General Meeting of 9th May 2018 and subsequent amendments


Chair Mel Parker 01262 850135

Vice-Chair Leah Butler

Secretary Alan McLean 07803246554/01262 851707

Treasurer Ann Maycock

Bookings Secretary Maureen Burnell 07849 639650/0844 5005152

Maintenance Manager Haydn Burnell 

Safety Manager Gareth Patchett 


Ros McLean Rowena Smith Wendy McCaw Elaine Matson
Ann Parker

John Beales
Kath Lord
Roger Marriott



Following the recent AGM and its subsequent first meeting the membership of the Community Village Hall Committee is confirmed as:- Chair – Mel Parker Vice-Chair – Leah Butler Secretary – Alan McLean Treasurer – Ann Maycock Bookings Secretary – Maureen Burnell Maintenance and Safety Manager Haydn Burnell Members without portfolio – Elaine Matson Ann Parker Gareth Patchett Pat Worth Peter Hebden Dorothy Hebden Ros McLean and Nigel Bennett. The Trustees John Beales Kath Lord and Roger Marriott have all kindly agreed to remain in post.


The Chairman of the Community Village Hall Committee, Andrew Parkinson, has resigned from the Committee as from 25th November. The Committee would like to thank Andrew for his contribution to the running of the Village Hall during his time on the Committee as Chairman and before. Peter Hebden is Vice-Chairman and will act as Chairman for the time being.


The next Committee Meeting is on Thursday 1st September at 7.00pm in the Community Village Hall. If you would like anything to be included on the Agenda please contact Alan McLean or Andrew Parkinson as soon as possible.


The new Village Hall Committee membership is as follows:-

Chair – Andrew Parkinson, Vice-Chair – Peter Hebden, Treasurer – Ann Maycock, Secretary – Alan McLean  Bookings Secretary – Maureen Burnell, Maintenance and Safety Manager -Haydn Burnell

Without portfolio members:-

Dorothy Hebden, Michelle Wales, Gareth Patchett, Howard Ross ( since resigned ), Rosalie  Parkinson, Elaine Matson, Patricia Worth, Ann Parker, Mel Parker and Ros McLean


skehtcup 2.jpg





Meeting Chaired by Mr John Beales.

1.    Apologies: None

2.    Present:  John Beales, Andrew Parkison, Ann Maycock, Haydn Burnell, Maureen

    Burnell, Gareth Patchett, Roger Marriott and June McComb (8)

3.    Minutes and Matters Arising:

    1.   Still waiting for company to fit limiter to sound bar on stereo system. GP to

    follow up again. If not fitted this week, to look elsewhere.

    2.   CCTV – discussions held over to next meeting.

    3.   Peter and Mrs Hebden were delighted with their gift of tickets for a meal at

    the ‘White Horse’ and sent their thanks to the Committee.

    4.   In spite of some difficulties, the Christmas tree is up and lit. Thanks extended

    to RM and all the team who assisted in this project – it looks lovely.

4.    Child Safety (Method Statements and Risk assessments):

    RM reported that the Youth Club have takrn on board the need for these and have

    purchased a set of ‘Hi-Viz’ vests for outdoor activities. Fiona Turner at ERVAS has

    been contacted for help with the preparation of the necessary documentation, which

    has to be kept in the Hall.

    Jackie Marras has now been officially elected as Youth Club Leader.

    The Committee broadened the discusion to cover other groups in the Hall, who might

    undertake activities which require Risk Assessments to be completed. User Groups

    will be contacted in the New Year and templates of the forms required will be made

    available, to help everyone keep to the law.

    The Committee also discussed that it might be necessary to provide a fireproof

    storage place for files/documentation within the Hall at a future date.

5.    Carol Singing/Pensioners Party:

    Sweets, soup and rolls are purchased. Committee offered help in preparation,

    serving and tidying up afterwards.

    Rev and Mrs Patterson from St. Michael’s Church will be playing and leading the

    singing. JM offered to prepare song sheets, which will be photocopied.

    ‘Santa’ has agreed to arrive, with sweets for the children.

    Pensioners Party on Sunday 18th January has been changed from an ‘Afternoon Tea’

    to a ‘Lunch’ (Ham salad sit down meal to be served).

    So far, over 50 names have come forward – all people who live alone and have no

    other real connection to the Hall – and others have get to be contacted.

    Details to be finalised at the next Meeting.

6.    Acoustics Update:

    Mr Evan Ferguson had furnished the Committee with a thorough report and a variety     of suggestions as to how the acoustics of the Hall might be improved. Before coming

    to any decision, the Committee felt it would like to see samples of the material that

    would be used, along with a colour chart. This was to be arranged by AP for the next


    Regardless of the acoustics solution, painting of the Hall is now necessary, as the

    paint used was only a foundation coat to allow the plasterwork to thoroughly dry out.

    MB presented quotes she had obtained and the Committee voted to carry out work

    to make good the Computer Room and the Main Hall and ceiling at this point in time.

7.    Computer Room:

    As soon as the Computer Room has been made useable, the Committee wish to move

    towards making full use of it. Following a full discussion, it was decided to consult

    with villagers as to what kind of classes are required before purchasing any

    equipment. This process will begin, firstly through the medium of the ‘Free Press’

    early in the New Year.

8.    Revised Sensory Garden Quotation:

    JM has held discussions with the landscaper and came to the Meeting with a revised

    estimate that lowered his quotation by £800. This was dependent upon much of the

    preparitory work of clearing the ground etc being done by volunteers beforehand.

    The Chairman still asked all concerned to be careful that this work was carried out

    in such a way that when JM leaves the villager in June, plans are laid for the care

    and maintenance of the Garden are carried through. JM sought to reassure all

    concerned that these matters had been thought through and that this money would

    be well spent, making the Sensory Garden’ an assett for all users of the Hall in

    future days.

    The Committee then voted unanimously to accept the revised quotation and JM will

    be organising a voluntary work party early in the New Year.

    The Committee also discussed the need for a shed for storage at the side of the

    Hall and possible further landscaping in the future, but these decisions were held

    off until another Meeting.

9.    AOB:

    1.   Thanks:   JM wished to thank the Committee and all others who had helped make

    the recent Christmas Craft Fayre such a great success. Around 250 people came

    through the doors and many stalls did very well. The Committee were delighted that

    Mr Jeff Wardlow, who was raising funds for The Brain Tumour Trust, in memory of

    his late wife, raised £200 on the day and is now nearing his target of collecting


    JM had two words of advice for anyone wishing to run any venture in the Hall:

    firstly, please remember to use the Hall’s  Registered Charity Number (1064165) on

    all their posters/literature – many places will not take a poster without that!; and

    secondly, advertise, advertise, advertise! Remember, we have to get people to come

    to the village first, then to an event in the Hall. It is hard work – but well worth it!

    2.   Photographs:   The ‘Yfoto’ Group, who meet in the Hall, have kindly agreed to

    take photographs of any event that takes place in the Hall – User Groups please take

    note of this very kind offer to publicise your functions.

3.   Fire Alarms and Fire Extinguishers: As the Hall is nearly a year old, these are

    due for checks and maintenance.

    The Lights and Timer switch also needed some attention.

    4.   Equipment being left on:   Will all User Groups please take note that there have

    been instances of heating/lighting/water boiler being left on. As part of the User

    Agreement, you should check these things before you leave.

    Those who use the kitchen should also remember that tea-towels are not provided

    by the Hall, but mugs should not be put away when still wet, leaving cupboards


    5.   A commercial vehicle has been using the Hall car park on a regular basis in

    recent weeks. If anyone knows who the vehicle belongs to, would they please contact

    the Bookings Secretary. The car park is for Hall users only, though it is often used

    by visitors to the children’s play area as well.

10.    Date of next Meeting:

    The next Committee Meeting is scheduled to be held on THURSDAY 15th

    JANUARY 2015 at 7.00 pm in the Hall.






Meeting Chaired by Mr John Beales.

1.          Apologies: Mrs Ann Maycock

2.         Present:  John Beales, Andrew Parkison. Haydn Burnell, Maureen Burnell, Gareth Patchett, Roger Marriott and June McComb. Mrs Adele Reynolds, Principal of Bempton Primary School, attended as a Guest.  (8)

3.      Minutes and Matters Arising:

        1.   Box for goalpost nets has been fixed in place.

2.   JM had written to Headlands School, as requested, re dates for potential Revision Weekends. No bookings made by School as yet.

3.   Website Training. RN has provided guidance notes for putting photographs onto the website. MB/JM/AM to liaise with this work.

4.   Front area of grass has been seeded. The four trees at the front of the Hall have been pruned back to allow ease of grass cutting next year. Many bulbs have been donated by kind friends of the Hall and a variety have been planted around the four trees and along the fence line to provide a Spring display. Four tubs with conifers and pansies have also been planted up and attached to the fence to provide Autumn/Winter colour. The side area and rear ‘Sensory Garden’ have been sprayed with weed killer.

5.   External Ashtrays and sanitary bins are in positions.

6.   A new Bowls Club has been formed and will be eligible to join the Scarborough League in approximately 1 year’s time. The Club will be holding an AGM in the near future. They have asked permission to put up a small notice board and were given a budget to purchase this item.

7.   The Emergency light in the entrance hall is now fixed. The outside lights are now on a timer switch and turn off at 11.30 pm.

8.   GP has purchased the specialist cleaner/mops and buckets required to clean the stained areas of floors in the Hall.

9.   MB has purchased new flags for the Hall. These will be stitched round the edges for strength before they are flown.

10.  The wedding reception planned for New Year’s Eve is not now being held in the Village Hall, therefore no need to place notification in local press.

11.  Ballroom Sequence Dance classes have now commenced in the Hall and are being well attended.

12.   A word of thanks was proposed on behalf of the Committee to Mr and Mrs Mel Parker, who covered the cleaning of the Hall during the time that Gareth Patchett was on his honeymoon. The Committee also extend their best wishes to Gareth and Heather on their recent wedding.

4.      Mrs Adele Reynolds and ‘The Walking Bus’:

Mrs Reynolds, a Guest at the Committee Meeting, then addressed those present and outlined a proposal that the School would like to put forward which requires the assistance of the Village Hall.

As residents of the village are well aware, there has been a long- standing issue with the volume of cars parking in School Lane and other areas, as parents bring children to and from the School each day. In an attempt to help alleviate this, and to encourage healthy habits in the children, Mrs Reynolds would like to set up a ‘Walking Bus’ scheme. where children would be collected at certain points throughout the village and then organised in a supervised walk to the School. She would like to use the Village Hall car park as one of the rendezvous points for children to be collected by ‘The Walking Bus’.

After some discussion, the Committee generally agreed in principal that this was an idea that they would like to support, on the understanding that the Hall would not be responsible for the children, who were not to be simply dropped off and left there without any adult supervision. Nor could the Hall be responsible if cars using the car park for this purpose were damaged at all, as they were not attending a function organised by the Hall Committee.

Mrs Reynolds reassured the Committee that parents who wished to take part in the Scheme would have to sign a Parental Agreement and that the Scheme would run for a trial period before becoming permanent.

With those conditions, the Committee agreed to the School using the Hall’s car park. Mrs Reynolds thanked the Committee and left the Meeting at this stage.

5.      Official Opening:

JB is to approach the Lottery to see if funds can be held over so that the Official Opening can be held in April/May 2015. This matter is to be the main item on the Agenda of the next General Committee Meeting, which will be held on 29th October 2014.

6.      Christmas Party for Children and Pensioners:

As the Official Opening is no longer scheduled for Christmas, the Committee felt that some effort should be made to mark and celebrate the festive season in the Hall.

Two events were decided upon:

A)   A Family Night of Carols and Christmas Music with the switch-on of the Christmas tree lights. This would include hot soup and possibly jacket potatoes/burgers or hot dogs.

B)   A Pensioners Afternoon Tea

MB was tasked with finding suitable dates for both these occasions.

7.      Outside Clock:

JB came with a variety of information re clocks to go on the outside wall at the front of the Hall. The Committee eventually chose a 915mm size in black with gold numerals. The cost will be £865 + VAT, but the Hall has already been given £500 by North Wold Lions towards this cost.

8.      Snagging List and Computer Room:

Following a meeting between JB, RM, Peter Hebdon (an independent engineer), the architect and the builder, it has been agreed that all four corners of the roof must have remedial attention, both to deal with the existing leaks and to prevent future ones.

In order that this long-running saga is brought to an end, the Committee agreed to pay for the scaffolding costs of the work, which amounts to £960, with the remainder of the cost being funded by the architect.

All other points on the snagging list must also be finalised in the next two weeks, so that the builder’s retention fee can be released and the work considered as completed.

Once the leak problem is resolved, work on the Computer Room/Storage Area can be considered.

Two replacement storeroom doors have been measured up and will be fitted in the near future.

9.      Camera Systems:

The Committee considered the two quotations that had been submitted for the renewal/replacement of the security camera systems at the Hall. They felt that they needed more information on the specification of the systems and also that it would be advisable to have a third quotation to consider as well. Therefore the decision was deferred until this information could be forthcoming.

10.    Christmas Tree Festival:

The Committee agreed to enter a tree in the Christmas Tree Festival at St. John’s Church, Bridlington. JM tasked with responding and entering on behalf of the Hall. Already have a tree from last year, which Glenis Robinson decorated and put up. Suggested that she be asked if she would do the same again this year.

11.    Sensory Garden Quotes:

JM provided 3 quotations from Wests for materials to have the side piece of land either totally slabbed, gravelled or barked. All quotes included an area of slabbing 8 foot x 10 foot as a base for a shed to store outside tables and chairs and gardening equipment. Committee agreed quotes were reasonable, but wanted to ask Mr Alan Hutchinson what he would charge to actually do the work and possibly put up a fence along the hedge line. HB tasked with obtaining this quote.

11b.   Acoustic Solution Quotations:

HB had been previously tasked with obtaining quotes for providing a solution to the acoustic difficulty in the Hall.  He showed samples of what might be involved and a quotation for the half-cladding of the walls with the material which amounted to £2,100. There would be additional cost for the beading and the joiner’s labour as well. He also presented a quote for repainting the top half of the main Hall walls. This amounted to £2,210.

The Committee were of the opinion that this was such an important decision, affecting the Hall for years to come, that they would really need to see this kind of acoustic solution in action, to see its effect. MB was tasked with firstly providing pictures of a hall she had visited that had used this method to overcome their sound problems and of also, if possible, arranging a trip for the Committee to visit this other Hall to see and hear the solution in action.

12.    AOB:

1.   Christmas Craft Fayre:

The Committee decided not to take a table to promote the Hall as bookings are going so well.

2.   Victorian Christmas Market:

Similarly, the Committee have decided not to take a stall at this year’s Market.

The Parish Council have requested that they be allowed to use the Hall’s car park for stall holders’. The Committee agreed to this so long as it was understood that it was for stall holders only and that the Council provided Marshalls. The Committee would accept no responsibility for damage etc, as the function was not being organised by the Hall or Committee. The Hall will be closed on that day.

3.   Hire Agreements:

There are still some minor issues with the wording of the Hire Agreements. AP tasked with resolving these as JB will be away on holiday.

4.   Date for Money Laundering Meeting:

This will take place on Monday 13th October at 9.30 am. JM tasked with advertising in local press.

5.   Correspondence:

i)   A letter was received from Bempton and Buckton Parish Council, acknowledging our donation of £65.00 towards the inscriptions on the village War Memorial. The three missing names of local men killed in action have now been added to the Memorial.

ii)  Correspondence was received from ‘HART’, notifying all wheelchair passengers who use these buses that as of Wednesday 1st October 2014, those who travel in their wheelchair or scooter aboard one of the buses must provide HART with information re the make, model and if the chair has a crash tested certificate. A Wheelchair Passport must be issued to any user wishing to use the Hart bus with such a chair or scooter.

(Secretary’s Note to All User Groups: To the best of my knowledge, we have no one at present in this condition, but if, in the future, the occasion arises, please contact me, so that I can provide you with a copy of the necessary documentation.)

6.   Outdoor Electrical Socket:

RM is still making inquiries re this.

7.   Noise from Party:

A complaint has been received about the level of noise from a recent party. The Committee are aware of this and would just remind Hirers of their responsibility to the neighbouring properties.

8.   GP has purchased a cabled microphone for use in the Hall and will install.

13.    Date of the Next Meeting:

The next Meeting, which is a Quarterly General Committee Meeting, is scheduled for WEDNESDAY 29th October at 7.00 pm.